If you are a seller looking to make a quick sale for any one of a myriad of reasons a property auction may well be an excellent vehicle.  Here we document our process from the time you complete the property valuation form to the sale and cash release terms and timescales.

Selling Property

  • Complete the property evaluation form here
  • Surelock Network Auctions will assess the details of your property and undertake a full review of your property, local neighbourhood and run a range of local searches to help us better understand both the past and current performance of your market-place.
  • Once we have completed our due diligence we will make contact with you and introduce ourselves and make you aware that we will be sending you the details of our findings.
  • We will then arrange a convenient time to call you and discuss our findings in greater detail.
  • Together, we will determine whether the auction methodology is the best approach to your selling your property or not.
  • We will value your property and help you to set an auction reserve price
  • If the decision is made to sell your property at auction we will co-ordinate a marketing strategy with our network of 23 local offices across the UK in which we trust will help create a buzz about your property, create greater levels of buyer interest with a view to finding you the best possible outcome to your sale.
  • Surelock Network Auctions will act as your auctioneer on your behalf at one of our monthly auctions
  • If your property is sold at the auction you will exchange contracts on the day and expect to complete within 28 days
Sell Your House Home Meaning Property Available To Buyers

Step 1: Start The Process

Complete the property evaluation form and we will undertake a full review of your property and local marketplace.

Step 2: Due Diligence

We will undertake a thorough due diligence process based on your marketplace and discuss our finding with you.

Step 3: It's Auction Day

Once you have made the decision to go to auction we will add your property to our schedule and your property will go under the hammer.

Step 4: Exchange Contracts

At the auction, if we are successful in finding a buyer and sell your property we will exchange contracts and normally complete within 28 days

Auction News
Benefits For Sellers

Auctions are an effective way to sell virtually all types of property, both commercial and residential.  The auction methodology offers owners the ability to sell property on their own terms, on their timetable and at prices that reflect the current market value.  In most cases the auctions are highly competitive which helps the seller achieve their financial goals.

  • Sellers establish all of the terms of sale
  • Surelock Network Auctions identifies potential buyers and brings the market to your property
  • Buyers who attend auction are prepared to buy and have deposit cash in hand
  • Properties are sold “as-is, where-is” with no inspections, surveying etc
  • The timeframe is clearly defined prior to the property going under the hammer

If you are a seller looking to make a quick sale for any one of a myriad of reasons a property auction may well be an excellent vehicle

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