Property Auctions

Surelock Network Auctions provides a transparent marketplace to buy and sell property fast.

Need to sell your house quickly? Surelock Network Auctions are here to help. We currently hold 11 property auctions a year – five in Birmingham and the remaining six in London – where Surelock Network Auctions create the best opportunity for sellers to achieve the highest price for their property. What’s more, you will have all the monies from the sale (minus any outstanding fees) in your bank account approximately 28 days after the auction date.

For buyers who attend the auctions, the process is equally beneficial. The transparency of a property auction means you know exactly what is being bid for the property you’re interested in throughout the entire, quick process. In this environment you can never be manipulated by other parties, and, provided you have your funds in place, the property or properties you made your winning bid on will be yours in just 28 days.

Surelock Network Auctions offer transparency, speed, certainty and an auctioneer who works hard to get the best price for your property.

Future Property Auctions - Surelock Network Auctions
  • Transparency – everyone in the room knows exactly how much is being bid for each property lot
  • Competitive – a room full of potential buyers with funding already in place creates a competitive environment where sellers can achieve the best price for their property
  • Speed and Certainty – once the winning bid is made and the gavel goes down, a 10% deposit is payable on the day followed by the full remaining amount in approximately 28 days
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