Auctions are a great way to sell and buy property of all types whether that be commercial or residential.

If you are an investor and looking to build your portfolio property auctions may help you identify that excellent addition to your portfolio at an excellent price.  Alternatively you could be a buyer who has become frustrated with the endless form-filling and endless administrative fees charged by high street estate agents that you have decided to do business yourself.

  • Complete the expression of interest form here
  • Surelock Network Auctions will assess the details of your property requirements and we will undertake a thorough review of the latest properties we hold within our portfolio and of those held through our network of 23 local offices nationwide across the UK
  • Once we have completed our due diligence we will make contact with you and introduce ourselves and make you aware that we will be sending you the details of our findings.
  • We will then arrange a convenient time to call you and discuss our findings in greater detail.
  • We will then work together on properties of interest and keep you upto date on our of our monthly auctions with a view to helping you identify the right property for purchase
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Step 1: Start The Process

Complete the expression of interest form and we will undertake a full review of your requirements against our database of properties.

Step 2: Due Diligence

We will undertake a thorough due diligence process based on your property requirements. identify properties and discuss our findings with you.

Step 3: Property Goes To Auction

Once you have identified which properties you would like to bid for we will give you all the information and go to auction and bid.

Step 4: Purchase? Contract Time

At the auction, if you are successful buyer we will go through the paperwork and sign off the contracts, take your deposit and process to contract exchange.

Benefits For Buyers

Buying properties at auction is a great way to know that you are paying a fair-market price for property.  Buyers will become highly knowledgeable about a property based on the due diligiance that Surelock Network Auctions will provide.  Our report will provide you with sound information on each property and the auction process.

Surelock Network Auction Buyer Advantage

  • Buyers received detailed property information and analysis
  • The transparent auction ensures buyers are paying a fair-market price
  • Buyers compete fairly, on the same terms (no estate agents looking out for their commissions)
  • Buyers determine the purchase price, not sellers or estate agents
  • The purchase date and closing date are known in advance
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