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UK Property Auctions – Auction FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Can I trust Surelock Network Auctions?

Indeed, our Managing Director is a member of The National Association of Valuers & Auctioneers & the R.I.C.S. working closely with banks, building societies in addition to private investors.

What certification does Surelock Network Auctions hold?

Our auctioneer Guy Charission is MRICS certified and was recently been appointed as president of NAVA.

How will Surelock Network Auctions market my property?

We will market your property using both our buyers and investors database in addition to our network of 23 local offices across the UK.  Our network is strong and if there is a “match” we will find you the right buyer.

How do I know if my property and circumstances are right for auction?

Following our due diligence and our understanding of your circumstances we will, together make that decision.  Auction Sellers are usually motivated by the need to move fast and find the highest price for their property.  Our goal as auctioneers is to find the highest bid in the timeframes set out.

I want to buy at auction but I cannot attend the auction. What are my options for the property we have been discussing?

You may send a proxy to the auction or you can attend the auction online.  Please provide 4 working days notice.

I’ve always inspected properties before purchase. Can I get an inspection of a property I wish to purchase before auction?

In 99% of cases yes!  Our sellers are keen to sell to you.  As with normal sales, a little bit of negotiation on dates and times is all it needs to allow for inspection.

How do I get property deeds, surveyor’s reports etc?

This is undertaken during our process of due diligence and we make sure that any property we take to auction is legally viable.

Questions about UK Property Auctions?

Here are several ways to contact us here at Surelock Network Auctions

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We are accepting entries now to our next auction!

We are accepting entries now to our next auction! at The Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London on Thursday 19th April 2018. Our unique approach combines major auction events in London and Birmingham with expert local marketing via a network...
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The Catalogue is NOW AVAILABLE

LONDON AUCTION on 22nd February. The Catalogue is NOW AVAILABLE Lots being offered in the property auction being held on Thursday 22 February 2018 at 14:00 We look forward to seeing you at The Grosvenor House, Park Lane, W1K 7TN ...
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We are busy with instructions for the first auction of 2018 on 22nd February!

We are busy with instructions for the first auction of 2018 on 22nd February! If you have a property to sell, anywhere in the UK we would be delighted to provide advice about selling by auction, Network E or private...